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Rental Policies

We Encourage: Happy Experiences • Lasting Memories • Fun with Family and Friends


We Discourage: Parties • Overcrowding • Renting to Minors under 25• RV’s or Campers




Guest Rental Information – Policies and Procedures


Low-Season - 9/29/16 – 3/2/2017

Mid-Season - 3/3/17 – 4/30/2017

High-Season - 5/1/17 – 9/7/2017

Mid-Season - 9/8/17 - 10/1/17

Low-Season - 10/3/17 - 3/1/18




High Season – Full Week - Monday to Monday or Friday to Friday, Weekday - Monday to Friday, Weekend - Friday to Monday

Beach Front Homes rent for FULL WEEKS ONLY from 6/2/17-8/17/17 before or after these dates Beach Front Homes may also be rented for Weekdays and Weekends.


All other homes may be rented for Full Weeks, Weekends or Weekdays checking in on Monday or Fridays only


Mid and Low Season – Full Week - 7 Nights, Weekday - 4 nights, Weekends - 3 Nights – No Sunday Check-In’s


Check-ins are available any day however, daily rates may apply when checking in any day other than Monday or Friday.

During the Month of March we only offer check-ins on Mondays and Fridays.


Holiday Rental Information – Holiday Check-In and Out Rules may apply – No Sunday Check-In’s

4th of July
- Rentals are limited to FULL WEEKS only from 6/3/17 to 7/7/17 or 7/3/17 to 7/10/17 for all reservations made in advance.  Reservations made within 2 weeks of arrival may be rented for 4 nights 7/3-7/7


Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years –  – Holiday Check-In and Out Rules may apply – No Sunday Check-In’s

We offer a 4 Night Holiday Rate, which is equal to High Season Weekend or a Full Week rate, which is equal to Mid-Season Full Week Rate + $100.00 for all rentals made in advance.  Check-ins are available any day except and the actual holiday.


Memorial Day - Can be rented for 4 Nights 5/25/17 to 5/29/17 or 5/26/17 to 5/30/17 (please call for rates) OR for 7 Nights (Full Week) 5/25/17 to 6/1/17 OR 5/26/17 to 6/2/17 at the High Season Full Week Rate.


Labor Day - Can be rented for 3 Nights 9/1/17 to 9/4/17 at the High Season Weekend Rate, 4 Nights 8/31/17 to 9/4/17 or 9/1/17 to 9/5/17 at the Holiday Rate (please call for rates) OR 7 Nights (Full Week) 9/1/17 to 9/8/17 at the High Season Full Week Rate.


Easter – Easter Rentals do not have any Holiday Rental Rules – Mid Season Rental Rates apply to all Easter Rentals


Discounts / Specials – “Walk-In” specials are available when making a reservation within 14 days of arrival (some owners do not offer discounts).  Follow us on Facebook, subscribe to our newsletter, call 979-233-4900 or email to ask about discounts, promotions or specials.


Check-In time is from 4pm-5pm - We know you are anxious to start your vacation however, please do not ask our staff to check-in prior to 4pm, our staff will call as soon as your property is ready.  In years past we have allowed late arrivals to pick up keys from our key box HOWEVER – beginning 9/1/16 late arrivals will be subject to a $75.00 late key pick-up call out fee.  You may designate another person over 25 to pick-up your keys.  Name and cell phone number of that person(s) must be provided prior to their arrival.


Check-Out time is 11am - It’s always hard to go home after a relaxing trip to the beach but our property inspectors, linen service providers and maintenance staff will need access to all of properties at 11am.  Any late check-outs will result in the immediate charge of one full day rent.  This policy is NON-NEGOTIABLE so please do not ask for any exceptions.  Late renters will politely be greeted by a friendly visit from our local police department.  After 11am you will be considered to be trespassing.  Do not return to the property after you have checked out.


Key Drop Off - Keys must be dropped off in our office no later than 11am on or before the designated check-out date.  Renters at the property past 11am will be considered trespassing. Keys may only be turned in by someone over 25.  Keys may not be left at the rental property.  This is considered a late Check-Out and will incur a late check out charge of one full day rent.  Prior arrangements can be made to drop the keys off if our office is closed.  Please ask about key drop off options if you think this will apply to you.

Rental Information – To secure a reservation we will need the following inform0ation along with the prepayment:


Rental Dates:



City, State, Zip

Cell Phone Number:

email address:

Secondary Contact Name:

Secondary Contact Cell Phone Number:

Secondary Contact email address: (Only if you requested)

Will you be traveling with a dog? (Please read our dog policy)

Will you need to linen service? (Please see description of linen service)

How many people will be at, on or associated with this rental at any time day or night, coming or going?

Credit Card Number, Expiration Date and CVC Code

Payments – Prepayment - 40% of your reservation + Non-Refundable Resort Rental Fee will be due at the time your reservation is made.  Final balance will be due 30 or 45 days prior to check-in depending on the base rental rate of the property you are renting.  Late final payments will be assessed a $75.00 late payment fee to reinstate the reservation if it has not already been re-rented.


Example of Rental Rates and Fees -

$ - Base Rate

$ - 10% State & Local Hotel / Motel Tax (4% to Village of Surfside Beach & 6% to State of Texas)

$ - Non-Refundable Resort Rental Fee (Based on the total of your reservation & may change if optional charges are added)

$ - Optional Linen Service (Sheet Sets, Bath Towel Sets & Kitchen Towel Sets)

$ - Optional Dog Fee ($150.00 per dog – see Dog Policy)

$ - Optional Travel Insurance (We strongly suggest travel insurance be purchased)

$ - $1500.00 ACCIDENTAL Damage Coverage $55, $75 or $100.00 (based on base rate)

$ - Prepayment – 40% + Resort Rental Fee (Due at the time reservation is made)

$ - Final Payment – (Due 30-45 Days prior to arrival depending on the base rate of rental property)


Cancellations – Requests must be made in writing at least 12 weeks prior to arrival.  If you opted to take the travel insurance, see information provided.  No cancellations / changes on rentals $1400.00 or more may be made after March 12th.  If you to choose to cancel your reservation we will attempt to re-rent the property for the same dates and rate.  If we are unsuccessful no refund will be  available.  If we re-rent the property we will process a refund less the $75.00 Cancellation Fee, Non-Refundable Resort Rental Fee, Travel Insurance Premium and any difference or discount offered in an attempt to re-rent the property.


If you do not disclose your rental intent; wedding, prom, party, etc… at the time the reservation is made Beach Resort Services reserves the right to cancel and refund (less Cancellation Fee, Resort Rental Fee and Travel Insurance Premium) any reservation at any time prior to check-in if it is brought to our attention that the property was rented for any use other than the use it was intended for.




Refunds – less $75.00 Cancellation Fee, Non-Refundable Resort Rental Fee, Travel Insurance Premium and any difference or discount offered in an attempt to re-rent the property will be issued no later than 30 days from the date the reservation was re-rented or cancelled, which ever applies.

Changes – 1 date change may be made if made 12 weeks prior to check-in with a $75.00 date change.  If you need to make a change within 12 weeks of arrival, if your property rental is $1400.00 or more and it is after March 12th or if you need to change properties the cancellation policy will take effect.




Dog Policy – We know you love your dog and consider him/her a part of your family however not all of our owners allow dogs at their rental property.  Dogs are NOT permitted without prior approval and a $150.00 per dog non-refundable dog fee.  Each owner makes the determination of the number of dogs allowed at each property, size(s) and breed(s).  DOG FEES WILL BE DOUBLED, all monies lost and Renter will be vacated from the property immediately if a dog or evidence of a dog is found without prior approval.  All other animals are not allowed at all, this includes but is not limited to cats.




Hurricane Refund Policy – Beach Resort Services offers no Refund, Cancellation, Rebate or Date Change related to Hurricanes, Tropical Depressions, Tropical Storms, etc…, however - Beach Resort Services offers travel insurance.  All cancellations and refunds will be processed through the travel insurance provider.  We strongly suggest travel insurance be purchased when traveling during Hurricane Season from June 1st to November 30th.  If a mandatory evacuation order is issued you must vacate the property.  Staying during an evacuation order will absolutely not be allowed.  All utilities will be turned off and properties secured.  If you are at one of our properties during a hurricane you will be allowed to return once the evacuation order has been lifted, properties have been inspected and all utilities have been restored.




Rebates / Prorations – We make every attempt to help you pick the property that best suits your vacation rental needs and we work hard to prepare the property for your arrival.  HOWEVER – we will not move you to another property if you are disappointed with any aspects of the property you have rented.  Furnishings and equipment are provided by individual owners and are not guaranteed.  Due to coastal conditions television and WiFi connection can not be guaranteed.  We will not refund any money due to furniture or furnishings, cleaning, mechanical failures, technology failures or any other failure that may occur during your stay.  We are not responsible for public utility outages such as water or electricity.  Beach Resort Services has housekeeping staff that is available during regular business hours on Check-In days to address any housekeeping issues.  We also have a full time maintenance staff and will make every attempt to correct any malfunctions that may occur during your stay BUT refunds, rebates and relocations will not be given so please do not ask.

Accidental Damage Coverage – provides up to $1500.00 “accidental” damage.  Renter and/or guests will pay accidental damages beyond the $1500.00 accidental damage coverage provided, renter and/or guests to pay any non-accidental or malicious damage, dog fees, cleaning fees, or any fees associated with violations of the policies and procedures as stated on this Guest Rental Agreement or any other publication. A valid credit card must be on file up to 30 days after departure.  Any charges realized upon departure will be invoiced and charged immediately to the credit card on file. If the credit card on file does not process we will pursue legal action to gain reimbursement. It is the renters responsibility to read all published rental information, policies and procedures.  We are happy provide clarification of any of our terms, conditions, policies and procedures.


Property must be left in good, clean condition with nothing damaged, broken or missing.

*  Leave all beds unmade.  Leave all bedding in the middle of each bed.

*  All dishes must be clean and put away.  Do not leave dirty dishes in dishwasher.  Do not leave dishwasher on.

*  Do not put dishes away dirty.

*  All floors must be left swept, mopped, vacuumed, etc… (vacuum, mops, brooms, etc… are provided)

*  Downstairs must be left clean – roll up hose. Clean out bbq pit. Pick up trash, cigarette butts, cans, dog poop, etc…

*  All trash must fit inside cans.  There will be a charge to haul excess trash.

*  Renters are responsible to haul trash to dumpsters at any property where trash can(s) are not provided.

*  Trash can(s) should be at the end of the driveway the night before pick-up.  Tuesdays and Fridays is pick-up day.

*  Refrigerator must be left completely empty, wiped out and clean.


Our staff will -

*  Change the foil in the oven and on the burner drip pans

*  Sanitize all trash cans, refrigerators, bathrooms & countertops

*  Sanitize and make all beds

*  Inspect for damages and missing inventory

*  Ensure all TVs, WiFi (if applicable), lights, etc… are in good working condition

*  Check Air Conditioning and Refrigerators are working at proper temperatures

*  Perform maintenance inspections

Maximum Occupancy – Each property is limited to the advertised maximum occupants.  Renter may not exceed the maximum occupancy limit at anytime.  This includes day or night visitors, guests at, on or associated with the rental property at anytime.    * Associated with the property includes guests at the beach who are not staying at the rental property that may and/or may not be coming back and forth to use the properties facilities.  We understand that the beach is public property and we can not regulate who goes to the beach, however we must protect the properties best interests and will monitor property use.

Minimum Rental Age – Renter agrees that whosevers names appears on the reservation and guest rental agreement is at least 25 years of age, that the property is being used for the purpose disclosed to the Manager and agrees to be responsible for the actions of all occupants and/or visitors during the rental period.  Renter must be available at the property dring the rental period and may not leave individuals under 25 years of age unattended.  Manager and/or managers agent has the authority to enter the property upon notification of any possible violation(s).

Misuse or Abuse – Will lead to immediate eviction without refund or proration of any rent, fees or services.  Interpretation will be determined by Manager and/or Managers agent.




Possible Relocation – Although we will make every attempt to work with our renters Management reserves the right to move renters to a comparable property with or without notice should the need arise.  Possible reasons for this could be but are not limited to; sale of the rental property, possible damage or safety issues at a renter property that may put the renters health or safety in jeopardy, home owner removes the property from our rental inventory, etc…

Advertised Information – Although we try very hard to keep pour website up to date with current pricing, etc… the information provided may change without notice.  Management accepts no responsibility for errors, mistakes, misquotes or misprints on this website or any other publication or reservation.



We encourage renters to call or email to ask for clarification of any policy they don’t completely understand.  We enjoy working with our customers and look forward to assisting you with your reservation.

Travel Insurance – Because incidents necessitating cancellation can occur the Rental Agent offers Travel Insurance through Red Sky Travel Insurance. Red Sky is a third party insurance agency. Claims for canceled trips are made directly to Red Sky. The Sun Trip Preserver offered through Red Sky Insurance reimburses guest’s vacation investment when their vacation is interrupted or canceled due to covered unforeseen events like sickness, accidental injury, jury duty, natural disaster, traffic accident, military leave revocation, job loss, road closure, mandatory evacuation due to a hurricane and more.


For reservation made more than 45 days ahead of an Arrival Date, travel insurance must be purchased at the time of the reservation. You have 10 days after the purchase to change your mind, and receive a refund of the premium, as long as the Arrival Date is still more than 45 days away. For reservations made more than 45 days in advance of an Arrival Date, travel insurance cannot be subsequently purchased.


If you are making a reservation less than 45 days from your Arrival Date and decide to purchase travel insurance the insurance premium is due with your rental down payment and is not cancel-able nor refundable.


For additional information on Travel Insurance... click here.





Rental Agreement PDF - Click Here